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One of the major problems facing today’s business is this: An abundance of data but insufficient means to effectively use it.

Echo Global Web Forms

An EchoForm and an Echo Global Workflow solution will allow end users to interact with your business process. Echo Global designs, develops, integrates, and supports web forms that connect to your line of business application for a simple delivery mechanism for content. Echo Global develops web forms as front ends to feed existing or new software solutions. Web forms allow for easy integration to our workflow solution for rules based routing, e-mail notification, triggered events and database integration.

A customized web form workflow is powerful in aiding the processing of incoming content. An EchoForm provides a business tool to facilitate data entry, formatted document capture, and workflow routing of end user input.

Our web forms provide a simple, lightweight, scriptable way to build reusable content components that can be accessed in the context of any application (including portals, email, DocuWare, or any purpose-built web app). For example, Customizing an HR Application for Employment web form to submit results as a formatted document while storing results to the database - automatically.

Echo Global also customizes URL-based access to stored documents as an application to DocuWare content management systems and services. For example, integrating internal documents to the company website, intranet, extranet, or partner portal will secure authenticated user access to content.

An EchoForm may provide information to many other enterprise systems: Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP), Human Resource (HR) and accounting or financial systems, as well as, DocuWare ECM.

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