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Echo Global cloud server customers never need to worry about buying new hardware to meet increasing traffic demands.


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With Echo Global Cloud Servers you get what you want when you need it. Make a new server for staging or a new server for production. You only pay for what you use!

How it works
Select a Size for Your Cloud Server - Cloud Server sizes are measured by the amount of physical memory reserved for your instance and range from 256 MB up to 15.5 GB.

Select Your Operating System - Choose from a variety of popular Windows or Linux Distributions.

Your Server is Online in Just a Few Minutes - Your Cloud Server can be upgraded, downgraded, or removed as your needs change.

How do you know if a managed cloud service provider is a good-fit for your business?

Five Proven Benefits of Cloud Services
Published by: BusinessWeek
Written by: David Deans
How can your company get started with cloud computing? Well, consider following the market leaders. With a few more months of client experience, Forrester Research recently addressed the major questions that executives have about the adoption of cloud services.
The key benefits that most early adopters report do not start with costs -- but rather with business flexibility. According to those that have deployed it, the benefits of cloud computing, in order of importance, are:

Cloud Computing Benefit #1: Improving time-to-application deployment
Cloud platforms give you the option of developing and deploying new applications on existing infrastructure as quickly as desired. Traditional platforms can take up to three or four months to procure, install, and configure, stalling the application deployment process.

Cloud Computing Benefit #2: Aligning IT budgets with application demand
How many Web applications does your organization deploy without exactly knowing how popular they’ll be or how much capacity you’ll need to accommodate that popularity? Many of the early cloud adopters host customer and public-facing Web applications with cloud providers for this reason. They can pay just for the resources they use, hour by hour.

Cloud Computing Benefit #3: Accommodating peaks in demand for data center capacity
Cloud computing is also good for handling episodic spikes in demand for computing, storage, and network resources. Rather than provision for the expected peak of the holiday shopping season, retailers can push the additional demand into a cloud environment. Big batch jobs also fit this model.

Cloud Computing Benefit #4:Delivering applications without raising the budget
Cloud computing gives you the ability to deliver new applications without having to buy systems, avoiding an investment of your firm’s capital in new equipment. Application development and delivery can all be handled using pay-as-you-go operating expenses.

Cloud Computing Benefit #5: Sharing without putting the data center at risk
Many of the early adopters of cloud computing are looking for an inexpensive and easily accessible way to share information. Medical researchers are an example. Cloud services enable these organizations to host data on public clouds, rather than making their internal data center available to external parties.


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