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Docuware will Reduce Costs and Improve Cash Flow With Faster Processing.


Filing E-mail with DocuWare
Storage and Retrieval - Central, Systematic Indexing

E-mail has become a core communication medium and has begun to completely replace letters and faxes. So it is important to find the most professional and systematic filing method for handling electronic correspondence. learn more >

DocuWare for Healthcare
Quick access to information improves healthcare and business operations

Medical Records managers are responsible for collecting and retaining every document created for a patient to be viewed by doctors and nurses whenever needed. DocuWare relieves the pressure of this demanding document workflow through it's easy nature of storing and accessing accurate information with a click of a button. learn more >

Manufacturing and Quality Control
Keeping documents under control and current - worldwide

DocuWare allows you to speed up production and manufacturing and increase your company's legal security. Quality Control needs transparent & well-organized information management software. The DocuWare system safely stores documents to fulfill the documentation needs of Product Liability laws and retention schedules. learn more >

Cross-Departmental Usage
Ultra-Efficient Processes and Information Flow
DocuWare takes data from a wide variety of IT systems found throughout a company and stores it all in one central document pool in a secure, legally compliant way. Every authorized employee can immediately access this wealth of information no matter the format – even via the Internet. Integration in third-party applications and system configurations are extremely simple. learn more >

Reduce Costs and Improve Cash Flow With Faster Processing
To keep up with documentation needs and retention schedules, it's virtually impossible to manage a modern day accounting department without document management. DocuWare offers several advantages:
significantly less search time, space savings, gains by qualifying for early payment discounts and faster collection of accounts receivable. learn more >

SalesMore Revenue, More Satisfied Customers
Exceeding goals is tough in competitive times. Sales teams are fighting against time as much as they are for customers. It all revolves around information and who can use it the most efficiently. That's where DocuWare comes in. learn more >

Human Resources
More efficient processes mean improved HR results
Resumes, contracts, transfers, recommendations, salaries, expense reports, vacation requests – that’s just the tip of the paperwork iceberg managed by a Human Resources department. All of these critical documents must be edited, stored and retrieved in a way that is quick, reliable and absolutely confidential. learn more >

PurchasingProduct Specs and Invoice Approvals at Your Fingertips
DocuWare archives documents like invoices, product specifications and delivery slips in one central document pool. You can compare proposals and product characteristics with a few clicks. It’s also an excellent way to simplify and speed up your invoice authorization process, improving the overall quality of your data. learn more >


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