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Don’t go at it alone. Echo Global will help you develop a plan that will give you the advantage.


With Echo Global Project-Based Support, you will know exactly how long it will take to get exactly what you want.

If your organization needs enterprise software, or are looking at larger projects conducted over a determined period of time, Project-Based Support is for you. Whether you need email integrated, ecm data migration or systems analysis and design to determine return on investment, Echo Global's friendly, experienced professionals will get your defined scope project completed on time and on budget.

Detailed Scope of Work
Confidential Engagement

Defined Start Date
Defined End Date
Defined Budget
Clearly Defined Scope of Work
Project Based

Project-Based Support is based on a Statement of Work, which delineates the parameters of the work to be completed, an estimated timeframe, and a description of the end product. Project fees are based on your defined budget, with or without a support contract.

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