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The performance and acceptability of a document management system depends largely on how quickly and easily documents of many different types, from a wide range of sources, can be imported into the system.


Paper-based documents

Letters, business documents, logs, drawings, notes and other printed documents are imported using most any type of scanner. DocuWare integrates numerous convenience features, from controls for simple workstation devices to high-performance scanners. Similarly, network scanners and multifunction devices (digital copiers) can be integrated directly in the DocuWare system without the need for additional software. Once scanned, documents are held in the DocuWare baskets for further processing or ready for storing in the file cabinets. One option extracts data from documents using OCR or barcode recognition during the scanning process and then uses this data to automatically categorize, index and store the document in a file cabinet. In addition, DocuWare supports all the main import and evaluation programs via universal interfaces.


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