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Information Management and Technology support has become the critical decision point in evaluating a partner.


IT Services

Echo Global serves companies with IT service and support. Echo Global's standard IT programs are built into yearly maintenance and support with our products and services offerings.

All yearly maintenance and support include:

Maintenance - Remote optimization and tuning support
Keep the system running like new.

Upgrade Management - Regular upgrades
Keep your system up to date

Monthly Checkups - Checkup of system
We have dedicated technicians who review and advise on a monthly basis.

Technology Planning - Plan for growth and stability
Once a quarter our engineers work with your team with review and optimization strategies.

Support - Centralized support
We can start troubleshooting your systems remotely, immediately. Plus, you need support no matter where your offices or employees are.

Friendly Phone Support - Call us if you have a problem
We understand some questions need answered right now.

Onsite Support - Engineers onsite when you need them
In the event that our engineers can’t handle your problems remotely, we’ll come to you.

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